Wednesday, February 02, 2011

What snow?

I've never been one to complain about snow,but Jesus-H-Christ, are we getting way too much of it this year, or what!!  I've never seen so much snow on my roof (over a foot in some area); I'm starting to get a bit concerned.  To top it off, I'd had to travel quite a bit the past few weeks, and I've been stuck in some hellish traffic.  The worst part about this type of traffic is when you realize that 1) there's no accident, 2) not a single car is in the breakdown lane and 3) it stops and starts at random.  And why do cops sit in the left hand breakdown lane on 95N (toward the split) with their engines running? That's an automatic decrease in speed of 20 mph (thanks, jerk-offs)!! Whatever, I guess it could be worse.  I could be living in Delaware. 

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