Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Ronald McDevil

After partaking of a few libations at The Tap on a recent evening, T, Bomber, and I decided to grab a quick late-night snack...this incident will forever be referred to as "The McDonald's Affair". Here is what I ordered for myself:

1 1/4 Pounder with Cheese: 510 calories
1 Large Fry: 520 calories
1 10 piece nugget: 420 calories

Oh, and here is what I ordered, AND ate because Bomber passed out on the couch (I couldn't let it go cold, right??):

1 Large Fry: 520 calories
1 6 piece nugget: 250 calories

Within the span of 10 minutes, I consumed a total of 2220 calories!!!! In retrospect, this was a very unhealthy thing to do, yes? But HOT DAMN, was it tasty!! The fries were all "Yo man...we're hot and can't say no!!". And the nuggets were all "Mmmm....we're good". And they weren't lying...

The next time I'm hungry after drinking a few brewskies, it's all salad and rice cakes baby. Salad and rice cakes.

Greensleeves Remix - Redux

Ok, the Greensleeves link actually works now (Openomy's going through some growing pains). In any case, yes, that's me playing the ole' geetar, and yes, I laid down that block-rockin', bass thumpin' beat using Hammerhead. Triple threat, I am not: If you could picture my voice, it would look like an injured dog with one of those lamp-shade thingys on it's head. But the ladys love the I right? C'mon love it....right?