Monday, January 01, 2007

Workouts 06'

Ok, I'm embarrassed; I lifted weights 56 times in 2006....ONE more time than 2005. WTF? Ok, seriously, I mean it this time...I'll break the 100 barrier in 2007 AND I'll document all of my workouts (not just the lifting, but the running and boxing as well). Whole new leaf, baby...whole new leaf ;)

Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Years, ya' drunk bastids!!

To my friends with whom I shared libations over the course of 2006:

Bomber!! Have another one, ya' drunk bastid!
HTE, whassup? you doin' tonight, ya' drunk bastid?
SnS, how's it goin? Havin' a few drinks tonight, ya' drunk bastid?
Harding....what'choo doin' dog?? Ah...libations, ya' drunk bastid!
Ball? You awake? You drunk bastid, you puked all over ya' shoes!!
GW....You're not drinking SoCo on New Years, are you, ya' drunk bastid?!?
Chappy, I don't think Tequila is the best option for you right now, ya' drunk bastid!

To any and all other drunk bastids that I missed on this list (because I'm too lazy to write out all the names), I say the same to you as well: Happy New Years, ya' drunk bastids!! Me?!?! Drunk?? Nope...I'm as sober as the day I was, wait...I'm lying...I had a few while I was watching the game, and then some more at dinner. Now that I think about it, I might be a drunk bastid....Happy New Years to me, too!!