Friday, January 20, 2006

I'm going mad! January Madness!!

To those"in the know": March 16th is the first day of March Madness this year. It's a little early (but never too early) to start thinking about the next Chicago trip. Weiner Circle has gone almost 1 year without a visit from the complete gang, I haven't tried to pay for anything with my out-of-state license in awhile, HTE hasn't eaten anything fried since the last trip, and Harding hasn't eaten anything BUT fried foods since the last trip....It's time, my friends. Last year, we flew out on Thursday morning, and by Sunday, I was unpleasantly weary. This year, I propose a Friday morning arrival...On March 17th. What's that, you ask? March 17th??!? Does that ring a bell?? Oh my! That would be St. Patrick's Day, wouldn't it!! Well...SO BE IT!! Clear your calendars, alert your livers, and flush your colons...the dawn of our next debauchery is on the horizon!!!!!

Comments/Thoughts?? HTE? Ball? Harding? Bombs? Galt? Sidearm?

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present...."Skullcrusher".

This is the only known recorded song of Andy's Red Rocket, and it's called "Skullcrusher", for obvious reasons. That's me playing (horrible) drums, and Hags the Elder on (deathmetal) vocals. We got together to jam awhile back (we both play guitar), and the only song recorded contains no guitar whatsoever. My favorite verse?? Well, I think that would have to be the one that goes "I'm gonna take it down a notch, I'm gonna kick you in the crotch". Andy's Red Rocket will be playing the following upcoming venues:

January 21st, Foxboro MA, Rotary Club- Bridge Night
January 28th, Billerica MA, Knights of Columbus 14th Annual Acne Parade
February 4th, Walpole MA, Schwartzbaum Bar Mitzvah
February 11th, Newark NJ, MTV Sweet Sixteen Party

Ug...I'm spent.

Blogging is a great way to express myself, but I feel that it's become somewhat of a burden. I've been trying to blog every-other-day or so, and I feel that the quality of my posts has suffered because of it. From now on, I'm only going to post when I feel that it's something worth saying, rather than succumbing to the urge to HAVE to post something, quality be damned. What does that mean? It probably means that the frequency of my posts will go down....but that the quality of my overall posts should get better. Yup...I'm lazy.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Most Fertile Irish-American Male

That would be me. Also, should we really trust any studies that come from the "Smurfit Institute"? Highly questionable source...the brainiacs over at "Snork Hall at Oxford University" are already combing through the empircal data.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Weekend Wrap-up

  1. Wrist not broken. Sprained. Feeling better.
  2. Pats lose to Denver. I really don't feel all that bad about it, and that's when you know you're a spoiled football fan.
  3. Horrible head cold (hopefully, this will be the first and last of the season).
  4. Roast Beef, ravioli's, string beans for dinner at M&D's....mmmmm.