Thursday, December 15, 2005

Florida Trip

I got back from Florida late last night, and I had so many thoughts running through my mind (which I shared with T, my wife, after downing about 2000 calories in 5 minutes):

  • I'm SO sick of U-Ass Airways. They have so many delayed/cancelled flights due to maintenance, it's a wonder they don't go bankrupt (oh, wait...they did). We were stuck on the tarmack for ~1.5 hours because they didn't have gas in their "engine starter machine". Not to mention that I usually end up getting a cold when I fly with them, AND their planes usually smell like fecal matter.
  • Some people are just so stupid. I HATE when people carry those huge wheeled luggage pieces onto a plane. I was stuck behind no less than 8 people who jammed up the exiting process because they couldn't get their "spruce goose tourister" down from the overhead bin. The only funny thing about this was that SO many people had these, that there was no overhead space left before even 1/2 the plane had boarded. The comedy factor was that I had a cloth computer, so I had the pleasure of sneering at the losers who had to check their baggage on the jetway.
  • Some people are just too slow. Frail/especially older people should wait until everyone else has exited the plane before they even attempt to unbuckle their seatbelt. Nothing annoys me more than waiting for a 90 year old woman to put her sweater on, IN THE MIDDLE OF THE AISLE, whilst 50 other people wait behind her to exit the plane. THEN she has to go back, get her Reader's Digest, which she'll inevitably drop, pick up, drop get the picture.
  • Some people are just plain vile. If you're on a packed flight, and you have the gaul to lift a cheek and float the most fowl smelling fumes past other passengers, you don't deserve to fly. I was this close (pinching my fingers very close together...VERY CLOSE) to saying to passengers in front and beside me "Who did it?? Was it you, you swine???!?!?". It was not a pleasant flight home.\
  • Some people are just plain inconsiderate. There was a woman who was taking very loudly on her cell phone, and it was only 6:30 in the morning. Put away your friggin' squawk box...I don't care about your "big deal coming down the pipeline" or whether or not "consulting will be able to handle the hours"...just shut the hell up! Oh, and while I was waiting in line at security, an older gentleman pushed passed me to get into one of the other lines. I loudly said "Where are you going?", to which he replied "I'm getting in line", to which I replied "Yeah, well, if you didn't notice, we're all in line".......he didn't listen, and proceeded to jump into the next queue (at least I said something).

To sum up: Airlines = unsanitary, People = annoying. When are they going to mass-market the personal jetpack?!?

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

"America's Wang"

I'm travelling to Florida tomorrow to visit a client. It's a 1 day trip; I'm flying into Ft. Lauderdale in the morning, and then flying back to Boston in the afternoon. Homer Simpson once called Florida "America's Wang". What with the daily hurricanes, the crime, and the large percentage of Q-Tips (i.e. old people), I can't help but agree. At least this trip should provide some fodder for Thursday's post.

BTW: I know that A LOT of people like to bitch and moan about Microsoft's iron-clad grip on the operating system market, but you know what? They deserve's the easiest OS to install, hands down. I spent quite awhile installing Fedora Core 3 on an old machine last year, and it took me almost a week to install all the correct drivers (and I'm being generous). I installed XP on another old machine today in 1.5 hours (including upgrades). They might be aggressive towards their competitors, and they may screw up the security thing (which they'll be forced to rectify), but they sure as Hell beat the crap out of Linux on the "ease-of-use" side of things. Don't get me wrong, Linux is great (I still use the Fedora box daily for browsing, web dev testing, etc), but it's definately NOT for the average user.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Not much doin'.

Didn't do much this weekend. In fact, I haven't done much, aside from work, in the past week. I'm wondering if working from home is stunting my social skills?!? Ah well...I can still wear sweatpants everyday.