Monday, December 18, 2006

Yes, I work from home...

OK, so I've made a Top 5 list of all the REALLY FUNNY (and by "REALLY FUNNY", I mean "REALLY UNFUNNY, EXTREMELY REPETITIVE") work-at-home jokes/insults that I've heard over the last 5 years:

  1. "Hags doesn't even need to shower" or my favorite, "Hags doesn't shower" (this one wins the "most often used" award)
  2. "Hags walks around naked all day" (this one wins the "most accurate" award...just kidding...mostly)
  3. "Hags only works for, like, an hour a day"
  4. "Hags looks at porn all day"
  5. "Hags sits around playing his guitar all day"

Let's do something fun, shall we? Go through the list, and say each one out loud in your best Bobcat Goldthwait delivery. Now repeat it 2000 more times. Was that fun? No?!?! Good, now you know how I feel. Yes, I work from home. Yes, my work environment is probably a little different that what you're used to. And "Yes!", these jokes have gotten repetitive. Next time you get the urge, jump on the Ole' HagBag, and read these out loud in the privacy of your home. Trust me, it's better off this way...unless you want me to come to your office and make lame jokes about your job whenever you pass water cooler. Is that what you want? I didn't think so. Thanks!

From the office/home gym/bedroom of Hags.
cc: Hags