Wednesday, November 23, 2005

You've Got Mail

I received one of the funniest mis-directed emails in my Gmail account today, and I have to share it. I usually just ignore these, but I couldn't let this one go for obvious reasons:

" are absolutely right, hov confirmed this for me yesterday on im.which is even more awesome. i'm pretty confident that tiff put A2M up therehimself, because it would be stupid for anyone else to do it, because, letsface it, that is kind of his thing, and he would be proud to see it upthere.That would be like making fun of me for my grotesquely large amount of pubic hair, because my pubic mane is actually a point of pride for me, so thankyou.You stay classy Sachems.

LT Burgundy

ps. attached is a picture of the view from the fourth floor lounge of thehouse i'm moving into in Valparaiso in a few weeks. The land in thebackground is the beaches of Vina del Mar. And the water is BahiaValparaiso, and the huge glowing orb is the moon, and the reddish dot abovethat is mars. no duda."

My response:

"Um...I think you have the wrong email address. I'm not Marder.

P.S. I wish I could erase the last 30 seconds of my life...then I wouldn't need to know anything about your "pubic mane" (I'm vomiting as I write this). Good luck in Chile!!"

Am I the only one who thinks this is funny? I'll update this post if D writes back.

In my house, we abide by the laws of physics!!!

I've had this one nagging thought for quite awhile: If I were stuck on the ledge of a building, would I be able to pull myself up? We've all seen this scenario before...Bruce Willis, Tom Cruise, Slyverster Stallone, Homer Simpson.....these guys have all wound up hanging by their fingertips from a [insert large immovable object here], and been able to get off that ledge by sheer determination and will. Ok, let's suspend our disbelief for one second and say that yes, John McClain was able avoid the terrorist, but by some form of misfortune, he finds himself in the aforementioned predicament, hanging on for his dear life. This is where my belief suspension starts to wobble like the Tacoma Narrows Bridge. The man was just shot at, beat up, stepped on glass, and now he has the strength to pull himself up by his fingertips??!? Whatever...

Where am I going with this? Have you ever tried to do a pull up? Just one?? I can do a few from a bar, and it can be a somewhat physically challenging exercise to do (6' 2.5", try it). So I started testing my abilities when it comes to the "ledge predicament", and I've come to the conclusion that if I'm ever stuck on that ledge, I have 2 options: scream like a son-of-a-bitch and hope that someone hears me, or pray to God that my boxers are not white. I'm sure that there are probably people in the world that can do this, but I don't think that I personally know one. Try it out...let me know. Maybe I'm doing it wrong...maybe I'm missing the adrenaline that comes with the danger...who knows? If anyone can do it (or have done it) let me know.

This is what happens when I stay at home...