Friday, June 09, 2006

Monday, June 05, 2006

My White Whale

We were discussing take-out food preferences this weekend, and the topic of "the best pizza" came up. Out of 10 pizzas from our local shop (10 separate orders), on the average we usually end up receiving 8 mediocre pizzas, 1 soggy POS, and 1 REALLY good pizza (thin crust, cheese slighty browned, perfect texture, etc, etc). My wife would rather go to Betucci's, where the pizza is normally pretty good, but never great. Whereas I'm willing to suffer through all the bad pizza for that one really good pizza. I will note that beer and pizza are 2 foods that I'm willing to concede a wide margin of error can't really screw it up so badly that I won't eat or drink it. I can remember the worst pizza that I ever tasted, and I think I had 3-4 slices. I'm a fighter, baby...a pizza pugilist.