Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Ball's Wedding

Ball got married to Pow this weekend; and we all had a blast. Boomer (Best Man), Harding, Galt, Sidearm, BackToBack (brother-in-law), and I were all in the wedding. HTE & Bombs were present as about a serious crew...

It's very hard to describe this weekend, because there were SO many friends present that it's all very blurry (Boston and Chicago crews united at last!). The pre-rehearsal dinner (sidebar: leave it up to Ball to fit in another dinner, you beautiful bastard) was excellent!! Many of the folks present, including myself, ordered the kangaroo. I thought I heard the waiter say that the special was "baby pelican", but alas, I was wrong. So kangaroo was had by many....and it was excellent (I ordered "the pouch" medium-rare). The rehearsal dinner was excellent as well...lots of booze, food, friends, etc, etc (the wedding gifts were awesome...NFL jerseys....GO PATS)! The wedding was VERY classy, with every detail covered (excellent slide show, great food, EXCELLENT music, etc, etc). All in all, one of the best weddings & weekends that I can remember. Thanks Ball & Pow...congratulations!

2 sick kids + 1 hungry dog = 1 extremely busy morning

Kid#1 (whom I'll now refer to as MPandy, 3) was out of school the past few days with a serious ear infection (actually, because of the fever caused by the ear infection). Kid#2 (whom I'll now refer to as Lammy, 6 weeks) has had a cold, but is in good spirits. Normally, MPandy is easy to take care of, as she does everything on her own (favorite saying "I'll do it"). However, for the past few mornings, she's been very tired, sick, woozy, fevered, etc, etc...which in turn makes her extremely clingy & needy (I'm not blaming her...she's miserable). Lammy is in a great mood, but she's only 6 weeks old, so she obviously requires a lot of attention. Anyway, both kids were laying on our bed this morning, when MPandy suddenly rolled over onto her stomach, and horked face-down into our bed (did I mention that she's been taking this deep-pink medicine?). I didn't notice right away (she was silent) until I looked over at her: Air-raid sirens go off, CODE RED, DEFCON1, CLEANUP IN AISLE 8!!!!! Pink mess everywhere. Meanwhile, the dog is going nuts trying to jump on the bed to "see what's going on". I gently guided MPandy to the bathroom, kicked the dog out of room, tore the bedcloths off of the bed and headed to the washing machine. It was a scene, man...a real scene.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Everything is coming up Hagbag!

Hagbag 1, Harding 5346

Oh, and I won twice at darts (out of ~15 games). Yup, the glass is half full, baby. It may be full of month-old, skunked beer, but it's half full just the same. Whoooooooooo-Weeeeeeee!!!!