Saturday, February 05, 2011

Heavy Lifting

I came across this article the other day, and it got me a-thinking: I really miss lifting heavy.  Not that I've ever been a power-lifter, per se, but I used to lift much heavier weights (and a heck of a lot more frequently).  So I headed down to the home gym this morning (smith machine, free weights, etc), and decided to push some ell-bees around.  I started doing some dead lifts (which I've never really done before), and just like the guy in the article, I'm a weakling (95 lbs. I didn't try to max out because I wanted to maintain form on an exercise I've never done before).   Needless to say, my legs were (and are) a bit tired.  I then headed over to the flat bench (which, btw, I used in conjunction with the smith machine so I don't accidentally kill myself while no one else was around), and worked my way up to what I would consider a reasonable max (220 terrible, considering that I haven't lifted in a while).  Long story short: I'm motivated again.  I even took a few videos of my dead lift to make sure that my form was correct (looked pretty good).  This is gonna be a great year, right Louis?

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